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Gambling Regulatory Authority - Gambling Regulatory Authority - Gaming Regulatory Agency and Commission Information Agencies > Mauritius The objective of setting up the Gambling Regulatory Authority by the Government is to bring under the control of one Authority all gambling and gaming activities with a view to better control and enhance monitoring over the gambling sector. Mauritius Gambling - Online and Offline The Gambling Regulatory Authority Act, was enacted in 2007, as a way to establish a proper regulatory framework for the gaming and betting industry in Mauritius. The Gambling Act also focuses on responsible gambling and preventing under age gambling. The legal gambling age in Mauritius has been set at 18. aegis of the Prime Minister’s Office since January 2015, the GAMBLING REGULATORY AUTHORITY 18.1 Operating under the aegis of the Prime Minister’s Office since January 2015, the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) is a body corporate set up under the GRA Act 2007. It is mainly responsible for licensing and monitoring of gaming/gambling activities and collection of license fees from stakeholders.

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Of 2007) Mauritius Tourism Authority. Vacancy About Totelepep Ltd. Totelepep and as Bookmaker on football matches taking place outside Mauritius under the name of the Gambling Regulatory Authority Act. The Independent Gambling Authority is the senior preparing papers for consideration by the Board of the Authorityidentifying the regulatory ...

Vision: Recognized as the leading authority in gambling regulation and enforcement in the world.Prior to 1998, California's gambling industry was essentially unregulated. In 1984, the Legislature enacted the " Gaming Registration Act," which required the Attorney General's office to provide... Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority - ZAMRA - Home |… See more of Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority - ZAMRA on Facebook.Places Lusaka, Zambia Community OrganizationGovernment Organization Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority - ZAMRA. Mauritius Gambling Board Mauritius Gambling Board! Regional and tribal associationsGambling Regulatory Authority - Home History | Lottotech